Smoke-Free Zone

Cannabis Without Smoking

Smoke-Free Zone

Don’t want to put smoke or vapor in your lungs? We totally get it if that’s just not for you. You can still get all the benefits of cannabis without any of the potential harm smoking can bring. We carry so many products that cater to non-smokers, including a wide variety of topicals, beverages, edibles, as well as edible oils and capsules. Let’s go through some of these smoke-free options together.


Cannabis topicals are creams, lotions, or salves that have been infused with cannabis extracts, with CBD, THC, or both. They are an effective way to utilize the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects – in other words: topicals won’t get you high. Topicals are products that are generally applied to the skin (or soaked in – i.e., bath bomb), and can provide localized relief from pain and/or inflammation.

We carry many different topicals with varying ratios of CBD:THC so that you can find your best fit.

Cannabis topicals
Types of cannabis topicals

Types of cannabis topicals include:

  • Lotions
  • Pain sticks, balms, & salves
  • Lip balms
  • Bath salts
  • Bath bombs
  • Face masks
  • Body/massage oils & even intimacy oils! 😉

Check out our current selection of topicals here .

Edibles & Beverages

Cannabis edibles and beverages are food and drinks that have been infused with cannabis extracts. Edibles usually take longer to kick in but also tend to last longer, while cannabis drinks typically have a quicker onset and shorter-lived effects. The federally regulated edibles and drinks we carry have a maximum THC content of 10 mg per package (i.e., a package of four gummies with 10 mg THC total will contain four gummies at 2.5 mg THC each) but CBD and other cannabinoids will have a higher allowance. A dose of 2.5 mg THC is considered a microdose, but with some experimenting you may find that you require more or less than that. It is important to note here that with cannabis edibles,oils, & drinks, it is imperative to start low & go slow, especially until you become more familiar with how different doses of THC & CBD affect you personally.
Too much of a good thing isn’t always good, and the same goes for cannabis! Like our topicals, oils, and capsules, the drinks and edibles we carry come in varying ratios of CBD:THC so you can find your best fit. 

Cannabis edibles and beverages

Types of cannabis edibles & drinks we carry include:

  • For edibles, we carry lots of sweets like gummies, chocolates, & baked goods. We try our best to maintain a selection of vegan, gluten-, dairy-, and/or sugar-free options.
  • Drinks include teas (in a cans, bottles, or tea bags), carbonated drinks (either sparkling waters or pops), little 30 mL “shots,” and we even carry cannabis-infused alcohol-free carbonated hops beverages (a long way to say weed beer!).

We should also mention here that we often also carry lozenges and “quick-strips,” which, because they are not technically edibles, are products that can contain over 10 mg THC per package (i.e., a package of 10 lozenges or quick-strips at 10 mg THC each for a total of 100 mg THC per package). These are not considered cannabis edibles as lozenges are sucked on and provide a sublingual delivery, as do the quick-strips when they dissolve on the tongue.

Check out our current selection of drinks & edibles here.

Oils & Capsules

Cannabis oils generally consist of a cannabis extract (combinations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids & terpenes) suspended in an oil, usually MCT oil (most often from coconut oil) or olive oil. Another term sometimes used for cannabis oils is “tincture,” but that term’s definition means a cannabis extract suspended in an alcohol, as opposed to an oil. Capsules are just that same oil suspension but delivered in a capsule form to be swallowed for digestive delivery. Oils can be ingested orally, swished around the mouth for sublingual delivery, and then swallowed down for digestive delivery, and will work just like a cannabis edible (just without the food). Just like the products discussed above, oils and capsules come in varying ratios of CBD:THC as well as other cannabinoids. Oils tend to be the most cost-effective way to get the CBD and/or THC in your body! Cannabis oils can also be used as topicals themselves or added to your own blends if you’re crafty!

Check out our current selection of oils here & capsules here .

So, in summary, there are many ways to try cannabis products that don’t involve smoking. To avoid any psychoactive effects entirely, try some topicals on your skin or in your bath. For a psychoactive effect with quicker onset try a sublingual delivery from oils, quick strips, or lozenges. For stronger and longer-lasting effects, try out some edibles or edible oils. The most important thing to do when experimenting with cannabis products, as we mentioned above, is to start low & go slow. It’s always easy to add more, however nothing but time and metabolism can make it go away! As always, reach out to us with all your questions and we will do our best to find the right product for you.