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Family-owned & operated
Cannabis Dispensary

Who We Are ?

Meet The Family

Weed IS a job requirement here at the shop. We strive to provide you with top-notch service and well-rounded advice while also being 100% real with you about what we’ve got up in these cupboards – just like family is supposed to. You already know we all love talking all things cannabis & cannabis accessories … but here are some things you may not know about your Cannabiz budtenders. To learn about our owners and the creation of Cannabiz, read our story.


Store Manager & Budtender

Faves: drinks & edibles


Assistant Manager & Budtender

Faves: fat dabs & bong rips



Faves: bong rips


Budtender & Chalk Artist Extraordinaire

Faves: vapes & pre-rolls


Budtender & Digital Media Coordinator

Faves: fat dabs, home-made edibles, & pre-rolls

Here's Why

We Are Different

As a family run business we aspire to be a true Mom & Pop shop
There is no chain store behind us or franchise, we are a local Kamloops family with strong roots in the community
Our staff is tight-knit where each of our budtenders are considered family
We welcome all customers and provide a comfortable environment with an “at home” feeling
We are pet friendly! Pets are welcome and even have treats to help tails wag