While indica and sativa are easy ways to classify a cannabis strain, the terpene profile of a plant is much better at indicating what specific effects you may experience!

Terpenes do more than provide flavor and aroma. They also support other cannabis molecules in producing physiological and cerebral effects. There is synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes, not to mention other secondary metabolites and phytochemicals. This is called the entourage effect.

While these aromatic cannabis compounds clearly play an important role in producing and enhancing many of the beneficial effects you get from consuming cannabis, they will not get you stoned on their own. For example though, when cannabidiol (CBD) is consumed alongside THC, people experience less paranoia and anxiety. So it would certainly seem that when specific terpenes/cannabinoids are present in a strain, the experience of reduced anxiety or a cerebral high, is catalyzed and enhanced!

So keep that in mind next time you’re choosing an Indica or Sativa! The best effects aren’t necessarily connected to the highest THC%. Other compounds like terpenes are much better at suggesting what effects you might experience from a specific strain!